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For people who do not know what the heck is Presets, Adobe Lightroom, or how to use these “presets” ?

Adobe Lightroom

is photo editing software that professional photographers, social media influencers all over the world are currently using as their main photo editing software, because Adobe Lightroom is the most advanced software in the market right now that can edit photo to unlimited possibilities and can easily create the exact “look” you want


is considered as “template” for editing photos in Adobe Lightroom. In order to use Adobe Lightroom to its maximum capability, you need to learn basics and advances of photo editing properties e.g. Exposure, Contrast, Curves, Shadows, Hilights, HSL etc.

Yes, this takes time, and guess what? This is what presets are for! You can turn your image into a goal look within a single click of applying them, how wonderful is that!

How to use these presets?

The minimum requirement to use the presets is importing them into FREE version of Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile (both iOS/Android)

Adobe Lightroom desktop version is also available and it offers more advanced editing panel, if you are professional or serious about editing photos, the desktop version is a must. But if you are just social influencers, running travel blogs, or want to save time, the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom is more than enough!

The installation is easy, as we have prepared the files for easy installation. You can read the preset installation guide here

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